• Participant should be an employee of the registered company.
  • CSC would have no issues if participating corporate involves its third-party employees to participate in CSC representing the participating corporate.
  • CSC Helpline contact number +91 9167339966 for any query.
  • All the qualifiers from intra corporate rounds will compete in three regional finales at Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.
  • Copyrights of all Videos and Images captured/recorded during all the rounds belong to engage4more India private limited.
  • The contents of the Site are intended for your personal, non-commercial use. All materials published on the Site (including, but not limited to news articles, photographs, images and video clips, also known as the “Content”) are protected by copyright, and owned or controlled by engage4more India private limited or the party credited as the provider of the Content. Participant shall abide by all additional copyright notices, information, or restrictions contained in any Content accessed through the Service.
  • Organizers reserve the right to discontinue/cancel/change/alter/modify terms and conditions and/or criteria of audition/registration process, at any time at their own discretion and without any prior notice, without assigning any reason and without any liability.
  • The participant(s) shall be solely responsible to check for update/change on the CSC website.
  • In the event of any violation of any terms and conditions or obligation or undertakings by the participant(s) are herein mentioned and/or as required by organizers shall immediately disqualify participant(s).
  • The participant(s) hereby agrees and confirms that all decisions of judges is final and binding and is non-contestable. The participant(s) shall neither question such process nor dispute the same in any manner.
  • The participant(s) hereby agrees and confirms that it shall fully indemnify and hold harmless CSC/its organizers/ its sponsors etc. against any loss, claims, dispute, disruption etc. caused due to any act or omissions or misrepresentations or concealment of material facts and information or breach hereof by the participant(s).
  • By registering, it is deemed that participant(s) have read, understood, accepted and agree to abide with all the rules and regulations of CSC.

Registration Rules & Regulations

  • Participants must register only via modes mentioned by the organizers or the HR of the corporate. Registrations by any other means will not be considered.
  • 12 teams in each corporate are allowed to participate on first come first serve basis.
  • Every participant will be given a Unique BIB Number on registration. This number will be their identity throughout the contest and needs to be kept safe.
  • No transfer of registration is allowed.
  • Complete participation fee should be paid atleast 2 days prior to intra corporate round.


  • Maximum 12 teams of 5 members each per corporate will participate. Minimum number of members in a team is 2 and maximum 5.
  • The teams will cook 2 course vegetarian meal in 45 minutes. Teams have to prepare dishes using the given ingredients. No team will be allowed to use any ingredient other than provided by organizers.
  • All teams will be given 10 minutes to check their equipments before the competition starts. Organizers will not be responsible for any problem identified after competition starts. However a team is allowed to look for alternate from the spares available but no extra time will be provided.
  • Equal time be allocated to all teams for cooking. All the teams will stop cooking and leave their cooking stalls as the time finish. A team will be disqualified if found cooking or putting together their dish after time ends.
  • Decision of judges are final and binding.
  • In case of a tie, Judges holds the power of secret vote. No participant can question the secret voting by the judges.
  • Organizers are not responsible for any health issues of participant(s).
  • Participant(s) may be disqualified for failure to comply with any or all the rules and regulations of CTC.

Regional Finales – Mumbai, Bengaluru & Delhi

  • Qualifying teams of intra corporate roundswill compete at three regional finales in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi.
  • Each regional finale will be a one day event.
  • Each team will run a food stall, cooking and selling their signature dish to live audience within a given time slot. Teams have to do branding and marketing of their stalls.Teams will earn points on the basis of profitability, audience feedback, judges marks, etc. This will be shared in detail prior to competition with selected teams.
  • Team with maximum points at each regional finale will be the winner.